Autumn Children Orthopedic Shoes, Blue Kids Sport Sneakers with Corrective Insole Collocate AFOs Tip Toe Walking Arch Support


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  • Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size
  • Lining Material: Cotton Fabric
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop
  • Outsole Material: TPR
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Feature: Breathable,Massage,Anti-Slippery
  • Insole Material: PVC
  • Upper Material: Canvas
  • Brand Name: PRINCE PARD
  • Item Type: casual shoes
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • CN: Guangdong
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Range: 13-24m,25-36m,4-6y,7-12y,12+y
  • Season: Spring & Autumn
  • Department Name: Children
  • Name: Orthopedic shoe for children
  • Size: EU 19-37
  • Feature: Tip toe walking flat feet, club foot, toe walking, pronation

What are the orthopedic shoes?

The orthopedic shoes, designed from the human biomechanical force principle, can scientifically correct irregular force of children's foot, and limit abnormal activity of foot joint, to help the healthy growth of the foot bones.

What are the function of the orthopedic shoes?

The long-term wearing orthopedic shoes can effectively correct and prevent various foot skeletal problems, like varus foot, valgus foot, flat foot, in-toeing gait, out-toe gait, O-shaped legs, X-shaped leg. It benefits a lot to the correction and improvement of thenature and nurture bone problems.

Do the orthopedic shoes fit for the healthy feet?

Yes, they do. Mothers often think that their children don't need to have the orthopedic shoes until they found the problem.However, it is a wrong view.The orthopedic shoes not only can correct the wrong foot shape, but also prevent the foot deformation, so as to help children to develop a perfect and healthy foot shape.

Can children's orthopedic shoes be collocate with AFO shoes?

Yes, children's orthopedic shoes and AFO shoes have a good effect on correcting and improving congenital and acquired foot bone diseases. The appearance of children's orthopedic shoes is very close to normal shoes, and can be worn in daily life, to the greatest extent to avoid causing psychological obstacles and negative effects to children.

Princepard Children Orthopedic Casual Shoes

1.Changing single insole correction method, shoes and insoles work better together
2.Built-in high-dimensional corrector
3.Locks the ankle effectively and corrects ankle deformation, improves heel deformation, and strengthens root stability
4.Built-in 3D printed orthopedic insole
5.Relieve heel pressure, make the feet evenly stressed, and improve walking posture

Measuring the length of the foot:

1.Stand barefoot, make sure your child's feet are straight.
2.The distance between the thumb and the heel is the length of the foot.
3.As know, if the child's foot length is 12.5cm, please add 1cm. This is the insole length 13.5cm you need.(12.5+1=13.5cm)

Please note: manual measurement, the error will about 0.5-1cm.

Different style the size and the sole will be different.

Professional R & D

Style1 :The space inside the shoe stays straight

Suitable for orthopedic:
1.Normal healthy feet growth
2.Flat Feet
3.valgus foot
4.tip toe walking
5.Slight in-toeing/pigeon gait,out-toe gait

Style 2: Outsole extend 6-8° curvature to the outside

Suitable for orthopedic:
1.Foot varus
2.Severe varus foot/clubfoot
3.Severe in-toeing/pigeon gait

1.Built-in 3D printed orthopedic insole

Supports the arch of the foot effectively and locks the heel and ankle, so that the baby can maintain dynamic balance in the foot during walking, improve the wrong stress on the feet, adjust and maintain the normal growth of the bones and muscles of the foot

3.Practical Velcro, free adjustment

The length can be adjusted and cut at will, which is convenient for children to wear on their own. The shoelace is strong and tough and not easy to fall off

4.Hard and high back

Enhance stability, maintain correct posture, prevent and correct foot tilt

With high-dimensional orthotics and 3D orthopedic insoles to form a golden triangle,so that both feet force uniform, improve the wrong force on children's feet


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